A high quality photo of Elle’s birthday cake from when she had her party in February.

Love this so much.

aawwh :)

Haha. Hahaha. Ha. Haha. Awwww

Anonymous said: Looks like Elle and Dylan decided to go public with their relationship: www[.]justjared[.]com/2014/04/12/elle-fanning-her-boyfriend-hold-hands-at-disneyland/

I replied:

Aaawh that’s good :)

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Anonymous said: Yeah, I wonder if Elle complained about the jacket or if Dylan spends his time complaining about the fact that Elle spends too much time putting make-up. LOL

I replied:

He’s probably not complaining about the make up, considering Elle doesn’t wear any.. But she probably takes a long time picking something to wear though..

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